You will need this if you are looking for done-for-you landing pages, websites, and funnel templates.

Stop Spending A Fortune on Funnels and Templates.

No more burning midnight oil and struggling on creating your own.

Let me hand you the Done-For-You Funnels + landing page templates. Plus the ready-to-promote Bridge Page to make recurring commissions.

From The Desk of Ben The Web Builder

Great Platform + Done-For-You Assets = Success?

Do you think it increases your chance of success if you have a reliable tool and readymade online assets?

Or do you prefer to create everything from scratch and go through trial-by-error and frustration?

Which path would you take if you have a choice?

Choosing the wrong path may cost you more time, money, and effort to achieve the same thing.

There is a better solution...

Forget about $97/month or $147/month subscriptions

Systeme (also known as Systeme io) is a simple, affordable, and intuitive builder suitable for both newbies and seasoned marketers to build, grow and scale their businesses.

It has all the essential tools you need, so it saves you money to subscribe to a few other tools you need for your business. It doesn't contain nonsense utilities (unlike some online tools in the market that stuff tons of useless utilities just to justify for hefty fees they charge you every month).

Best of all, Systeme is fast, and it is very affordable, way cheaper than the overpriced software in the market. (you know what I'm talking about...CxxxxFxxxx, Karxxxx, and more)

and you know what, Systeme comes with a FREE account. Well, it's NOT the 14-day or 30-day trial account, but a Free-forever account with NO credit card required! So if you are currently using other funnel builders or are new to Systeme, you can grab a Systeme account hassle-free.

The icing on the cake that accelerates your success 10x

One of the pieces of feedback I received (possibly the most common) back then was that creating funnels or squeeze pages is tough. Most people do not know how to start and what to do.

With the emergence of point-and-click, drag-and-drop funnel builders, it is now way, way easier as the default templates are already in place, ready to be used.

But the struggles do not go away.

Putting everything up from A-Z is not easy.

There are many things to take care of, like customizing pages, and writing follow-up emails could take hours upon hours to complete.

Creating from scratch isn't fun. It is time-consuming and involves a certain degree of the learning curve.

You are better off leveraging on the done-for-you assets that are not just a time-saver; it also accelerates your success rates.

Spend more time focusing on more important tasks in your business rather than on the technical stuff itself.










Until now...


SIO Turbo Bundle

Easy to use, done-for-you funnels and templates.

SIO Turbo Bundle is the done-for-you funnels and templates ready to import to your Systeme account with one-click simplicity.

It comes with a landing page, a one-page website, squeeze pages, a complete funnel, plus a ready-to-promote bridge page to promote Systeme as an affiliate.

SIO Turbo Bundle is suitable for anyone who wants to build, grow or scale their online business, both newbies and seasoned marketers.

Both online marketers and brick-and-mortar business owners will benefit from SIO Turbo Bundle.

What's Included in SIO Turbo Bundle?

Once inside, you will get access to 2 SIO Turbo Packs:

  • SIO Turbo Pack 1
  • SIO Turbo Pack 2

Turbo Pack 1: #1 Clean & Simple Landing Page Template

The simple landing page template is ideal for both local and online businesses that prefer a clean, light, yet elegant page.

It is also suitable for online businesses that prefer a simple and organized way to showcase the information for their products or services.

The layout is simple and easy to the eyes. It is quick to set up and easy to maintain.

Turbo Pack 1: #2 One-Page Website Template

This is a one-pager suitable for both online-based and brick-and-mortar businesses.

The page has multiple sections for users to show different types of info. The section can be added/removed based on user requirements. Images and colors can be easily changed on the fly.

Turbo Pack 1: #3 Magnet Squeeze Pages

The Opt-in Page template provides a fresh layout to convert visitors into subscribers.

It comes with 2 separate templates that can be used in any niche. The image, color, background, and headline can be easily changed within Systeme.

It can also be used as a bridge page to promote affiliate products.

Turbo Pack 2: #1 SIO Affiliate Booster

SIO Affiliate Booster is a done-for-you sales letter to promote Systeme IO (SIO) as an affiliate.

It hooks visitors from a different perspective to convert them into Systeme users. It has been created in easy to read layout with images + and text. The explainer sales video gives an overview of what the platform is about.

The SIO Affiliate Booster is suitable to use as a bridge page before sending visitors to Systeme sign-up page.

You can customize the sales flow as you like. Either direct prospects to the squeeze page first before sending them to this sales page or direct prospects directly to this sales page. Simply replace your Systeme affiliate link and you're good to go.

Turbo Pack 2: #2 Hero Funnel

Hero Funnel is a lead generation funnel with One-Time-Offer (OTO).

This funnel allows you to generate cash flow while generating leads. The ebooks are in the high-demand Internet marketing niche i.e, lead generation and conversion.

The funnel consists of

- 1 squeeze page

- 1 OTO page

- 1 Order page

- 2 Thank you pages

- 2 done-for-you ebooks (lead magnet and OTO)

- 7 follow-up emails

*User has to set up the payment gateway, and the automation within Systeme io

Turbo Pack 2: #3 Quiz Funnel

The quiz funnel helps your prospects to engage with your offer. It is one of the highly effective ways to drive opt-in and sales besides helping to lower the bounce rate by increasing the amount of time a user spends on a page of your website.

The done-for-you quiz funnel allows you to promote Systeme IO and reel them in by asking 3 simple questions. The last question touches on one of the most concerned questions i.e the cost spent on marketing tools.

After the prospects have answered all 3 questions, they will be prompted to enter their email to where the analysis of the result will be sent to.

Turbo Pack 2: #4 Local Business Pro

Local Business Pro is a minimalistic website for small to medium local businesses. A small business homepage can help you target customers near you in the neighborhood and gives you an instant professional impression.

Suitable for most types of businesses, including mom-and-pop cupcake bakeries, plumbers, electricians, agents, tuition teachers, and even coaching and consultants.

It is easy to maintain and update. Any website section can be removed or replaced. Adding a new section is always easy with Systeme io. The colors, images, and icons are also easy to change. It's time to wow your store next door!

Save $100's to $1000's Dollars

Why pay for each and every piece of the template and funnel individually when you can grab the whole bundle at ONE low price.

If you decide to create the templates and set up the funnel on your own, it would cost you countless of wasting hours, which you better off spend on marketing your business.

Fast Action Bonus

Invest in SIO Turbo Bundle today, and you'll also be getting 10x done-for-you PDFs ready to be monetized!

To sweeten this no-brainer deal, the PDFs are pre-monetized with Clickbank products. Just swap with your affiliate link, and you will have a new "marketing army" to promote affiliate products at your disposal. You can also promote your own products or services with these done-for-you PDFs. You can even use it to promote Systeme IO and earn recurring affiliate income. The sky is the limit on how you want to milk this cash cow.

Lastly, you can sell these done-for-you PDFs and make some moolah upfront.

There are 101 ways to promote the ebook that is monetized with your affiliate links.

10 Titles of PDF

Sample PDF Content

If you are brand new to Systeme io, I understand that it would be challenging to digest everything in one go.

I want to give you the best value to help you kickstart and make your business-building journey with Systeme smooth.

Therefore, I decided to give you access to AskBen so that you can ask me any questions related to Systeme or problems you may face using Systeme io. I will offer my best to help you, this is my promise.

Systeme is my main builder, and I spend a lot of time using it. I have built funnels, courses, websites, squeeze pages, email automation, and more with Systeme io, so I want to use my knowledge and experience to help and make your life easier.

You will get my email so that you can shoot me your question anytime. (I will even reply to you during the weekend!)

Summary of What You Will Get

By investing in SIO Turbo Bundle today for a one-time low price, you will access ALL the quality done-for-your templates. Here's what you will be getting:

Turbo Pack 1:

  • Clean & Simple Landing Page Template
  • One-Page Website Template
  • Magnet Squeeze Pages

Turbo Pack 2:

  • SIO Affiliate Booster
  • Hero Funnel
  • Quiz Funnel
  • Local Business Pro

Last but not least, you get to access AskBen Exclusive bonus, and 10x Done-for-you PDFs as the Fast Action Bonus!

Unlike most marketers, I am not motivated to put the "fake amount" of what every element costs.

But I want you to know that both Turbo Pack 1 & 2 cost me a huge sum of dollars to build, not to mention countless hours burning through midnight oil, plus extremely hard work to put together.

I don't think you want to go through the same process I had gone through; it wasn't fun. Seriously.

Now is a Perfect Time to take advantage of this opportunity to build and grow your business.

Act Fast! Download your copy now while it is still available at a one-time low price.

Can I use the template on other platforms?

The funnels and templates are created for do offer a free-forever plan that you can take advantage of. If you are just starting out, choosing the RIGHT platform from the start is important, do check out Systeme io vs Click Funnels

Can I change and customize the templates and funnels?

Yes, you can change and edit the templates to suit your usage.

Can I resell or give the templates away?

No. You CANNOT give away or sell the templates and funnels on your website or any marketplace. It is for personal use ONLY. We may release resell rights soon. If you are interested in purchasing the resell rights, kindly contact us.

I am an insurance agent, I do not see the template related to insurance industry?

The funnels and templates in SIO Turbo Bundle are suitable for all businesses and industries. All you have to do is to swap the images and text to make them relevant to your niche or business.

There are also many royalty-free images you can get from sites like,,, and more.

For the text content, you can either write it on your own or outsource it to qualified writers at affordable prices at sites such as Fiverr and HireWriters

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